Rainbow Snippets – 21 December 2019

Happy weekend, snippetteers! I am ready for Christmas here – tree up, presents bought and wrapped, just a few food items left to buy. I’m at work on Monday and on Tuesday up until noon, then off until 2 January, so I’m looking forward to the break from work. I’m not sure how the actual Christmas Day(s) will go. For me it will be exhausting and I can’t wait for 27 December when I can relax and do what I want. Christmas Day, me and OH are going to my Dad’s. It’ll be the first Christmas without my mum so we’ll all be miserable. I’ll be tired from the 140 mile round trip driving, I won’t be able to drink, somehow we have to fit all the presents, all the food, and various cooking/baking utensils in my sports car with its tiny boot space and I have to cook a passable dinner in my dad’s tiny impractical oven, then drive home again. Boxing Day again we have to pack all the remaining presents and an overnight bag plus hiking gear into my tiny boot and I have to drive three and a half hours to my sister-in-law’s house. (OH can’t drive my car because firstly, he’s not insured for it and secondly, it’s a “Fast & Furious” type car with a heavy sports gearbox and rear wheel drive, and if he drove it, either he’d damage the gearbox by the time we got there, or spin the back end out on a corner – he’s a clumsy driver with 28 years’ driving a bus with a 30-foot wheel base under his belt). In the afternoon, finally I get some time to relax, have a few glasses of wine, open more presents, play with all the kids (my sister-in-law’s grandkids), and eat her lovely food instead of having to cook. The next morning OH and I are going for a couple hours’ hiking as there are some lovely hills a mile or so away. Then I have another three and a half hour drive home, when I can finally do what I want. I sound like a terrible moaner, but I’m not particularly looking forward to most of it, and I’ll miss my dog because he’ll be in kennels 😦

Anyway, let’s cheer up this post with the second to last snip of the year from Favourite Toy 2. In this week’s snippet, Ryan thinks and whether he might “like” Remy after all.

* * * * *

“But do you like him?” I whispered to myself. Remy was nothing like Danny or any of my exes. He seemed like an extrovert, with his often loud dress, makeup, and ability to talk none-stop like Casper, but I’d begun to realise since he moved in, that he was shy underneath it all. He covered it up with a confident act when he could, but it wasn’t natural like Casper’s in-your-face confidence. Remy was sweet, sensitive, and probably not that experienced. His face was attractive, and he had pretty eyes. He wasn’t as fit and toned as I usually liked, but that wasn’t so important. Obviously, I’d liked him last night.

“You were drunk,” I said to myself. “You’d have liked anyone last night.”

“Who are you talking to?” Dean came in and flopped onto the sofa.

“Um, no one.” My face heated. I hadn’t even heard him open the front door. “Where’s Casper?”

“Still out with David. Those two can talk. So, what did you get up to last night?”


“Apart from drinking half the cocktail supplies.”

“That’s what they were for,” I grumbled.

* * * * *

If you want to join in with Rainbow Snippets, post a link to a 6-line or thereabouts teaser from an LGBT WIP or published work, and post in the group HERE. Don’t forget to check out the other snips posted, and you might find your next favourite read.

4 thoughts on “Rainbow Snippets – 21 December 2019

  1. Had to laugh at the last line. Love his self talk, and I’m glad I’m not the only one who talks out loud to themselves. And his thoughts about Remy’s personality are wonderful.


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