Rainbow Snippets – 8 December 2019

Happy weekend, Snippetteers! Who’s ready for Christmas? At least I have all my presents bought and wrapped, except for the Secret Santa gift for work. My tree goes up next Sunday. I’m a bit of a “Bah, Humbug” when I see houses with Christmas lights on in November – and there are a few near where I live. I just think that if Christmas is spread out over 2 months, it doesn’t seem special, just “the norm.” Anyway, that’s just me. Call me Scrooge.

My snippet is from Favourite Toy 2 again. Last week we left Ryan and Remy tipsy on cocktails and getting into a compromising position. This snip carries on straight after.

* * * * *

“Ryan,” he whimpered.

“Mm.” I silenced him with another kiss and closed my eyes, my head spinning.

What happened next blurred at the edges. I was aware of staggering, stumbling, supporting myself with my hands on the stairs as I scrambled up them. A soft mattress under me, warm naked skin against mine, Remy’s soft hot mouth, tight wet heat on my fingers, the snap of a condom, Remy murmuring in my ear, “Fuck me.”

I’d never been one to suffer from the proverbial “brewer’s droop.” No matter how much I drank, I could still get hard. How good I was at actually fucking in that state, I couldn’t say. I came, eventually, my thrusts awkward and shallow, Remy’s teeth sharp on my shoulder as if he meant to draw blood. When I rolled off, he groaned, and I wondered if I’d hurt him. I opened my mouth to ask if he was okay, but blackness rolled in and I slipped away.

* * * * *

If you want to join in with Rainbow Snippets, post a link to a 6-line or thereabouts teaser from an LGBT WIP or published work, and post in the group HERE. Don’t forget to check out the other snips posted, and you might find your next favourite read.


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