Rainbow Snippets – 19 October 2019


Happy weekend, Snippetteers. I chose the cake photo for my illustration as it’s my birthday tomorrow! I was intending to spend the weekend camping in the Lake District, my favourite place, but unfortunately had to cancel the plans. But instead, I’m picking up my new car today so that’s the best birthday present! This is my gorgeous new Nissan 350Z.



This week’s snippet is more from Favourite Toy 2. Ryan talks to Dean about his potential new boyfriend.

* * * * *

“So, what’s happening?”

“About what?”

“That guy, P.J. Did you call him, or what?”

“No. I got a date with a barista from the coffee shop near the pool.”

“You didn’t waste any time.” He chuckled. “Is it that red-haired one? Tristan?”

I frowned. “How do you know him?” It would be just my luck if Dean had fucked the guy at some point before he met Casper.

“We went in there early last year after I came for a swim. You got a table and I bought the coffees. He was asking about you, but it was when you, um, you’d just started seeing Danny. I told him you weren’t available.”

My eyes widened. “He said he’d seen me in there a few times.”

“Clearly he’s been waiting all this time in the hopes of a date.”


“At least you got a date. Maybe it’s what you need.”

“Yeah, maybe. I decided one-nighters aren’t for me anymore.”

* * * * *

Rainbow Snippets is a group where writers post links to 6-line or thereabouts teasers from WIPs and published works. Check out the page HERE for lots more great stories.

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