Rainbow Snippets – 5 October 2019

Happy weekend, Snippetteers! It’s been a busy week for me at work and at home. I don’t seem to have had much time to myself, but I did manage to re-read the chapters I have so far for Favourite Toy 2 and do a few edits, so I’m ready to roll and finish the story. It only needs about 10,000 words, so I’m setting myself a target to do 500 words a day this month so I can get it done. Feel free to beat me with a stick if I don’t do it! 😀

Last week Ryan and Dean rescued Remy from an unpleasant situation in a club. Later that night, things are looking up for Remy even more – and possibly for Ryan.

* * * * *

“Remy!” Casper bounded into the hall and flung his arms around his friend. “Oh, my God! What happened? Are you all right? Tell me all about it. That bastard, Nicky, I will rip his fucking head off! Come upstairs.” Without even acknowledging Dean, Casper grabbed Remy’s hand and led him upstairs.

Dean and I hesitated in the hallway, gazing up the stairs as Dean and Casper’s door banged shut behind the two friends. Dean scowled and sucked in his breath.

“What?” I prompted.

“What do you think about another housemate?”

“You mean Remy?”

“Yeah. He’s a nice guy, he works, he’d pay his share of the bills, so ours would all go down. I’ve heard about this shit with Nicky before. Remy’s in a shared house with five other people and they’re always pulling this crap. If it’s not Nicky, it’s one of the others instigating a fucking orgy or bringing in drugs. Remy’s not like them. I feel sorry for the guy. Plus, we’d all get free hair-cuts.” Dean grinned.

“I’m cool with it. We just need to get a bed in the spare room.”

“Yeah, that’s easy enough. I’ll ask him.” Dean set off upstairs. Moments later I heard squeals of delight and grinned to myself. Dean returned, laughing. “The offer went down well. Remy’s going to bring some of his clothes over tomorrow after work, and the rest of the stuff next weekend. He’s got his own bed, so he’ll just use the camp bed until then.”

“Great.” To my surprise, a slight flutter of anticipation in my stomach told me I would enjoy getting to know Remy better. He might not be my type, but I thought I’d like his company as a friend. If nothing else, I’d have someone else to spend time with when Dean and Casper couldn’t wait until bedtime to go to bed.

* * * * *

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