Rainbow Snippets – 28 September 2019

Morning, all! It’s been a wet week here, and there has been good and bad.

Last Sunday I was on my way out in the evening and a third party car came out of a junction and hit me. The driver wasn’t even looking my way and was only 17 years old! Shocking that you can pass your driving test in this country, apparently not having learned observation! She didn’t even slow down approaching the junction. Anyway, at least her insurance company is good. My car had to be recovered by a truck but the damage isn’t too bad. I have a hire car, I’ve had a payment for “pain and suffering,” and my repairs have been quoted for by my usual much-loved garage and are waiting for authorisation.

On the good side, yesterday my bosses took me out for lunch to show me how much they appreciated everything I do, so that put a smile on my face!

Anyway, time for a snippet.

Last week Ryan and Dean came upon Remy in trouble in a club. Did they help him? Let’s see…

* * * * *

I pushed through the main door of the toilets, Dean on my heels. Two of the cubicles were occupied, and one guy stood at the urinal. The trio from the dancefloor were in the far corner, the blond boy heading into the unoccupied cubicle and the hunk gripping Remy’s arm and pushing him along.

“No, I don’t want—”

“That’s it.” I charged forward. “Let him go.”

“Who the fuck are you?” The hunk turned and glowered. He was about my height but stacked with muscle. I had a swimmer’s build, strong but slim, while Dean was a similar size to the guy.

“We’re his friends. He clearly doesn’t want to do whatever you’ve got in mind, so let him go.” I took a step forward, Dean next to me.

“Fuck off. It’s none of your business.”

“Dean—” Remy looked at him helplessly, trying to tug his bare arm free of the huge fist holding it.

“It is our business when you’re abusing someone we care about.” Dean pushed the big man in the shoulder. In reflex, he let go of Remy and turned towards Dean. I pulled Remy away.

The blond guy pouted and scowled. “You had to spoil it, didn’t you? It would have been fun,” he aimed at Remy.

“Maybe you should check your friends are into the same thing you are, before you force the issue,” I gritted out.

* * * * *

If you want to join in with Rainbow Snippets, follow the link below where you can post a link to a 6-line-ish teaser from a published work or WIP and check out the other awesome snippets posted HERE.

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