Rainbow Snippets – 22 September 2019

I’m back again at last. I was away last weekend, taking a 2-day emergency outdoor first aid course, and I’m now a qualified first responder with a qualification recognised worldwide, woo hoo! The course was excellent and included lots of interactive scenarios in which I had to play victims of various injuries etc for other participants to diagnose and care for, and I had to do the same for some of them. I played a stroke victim, a person suffering anaphylactic shock after a bee sting, and someone who had fallen on a mountain side while skiing. Then I had to resuscitate a drowning victim, bandage a man who’d fallen from a ladder and got glass embedded in himself, give CPR and defib (on a dummy) and deal with someone who’d fallen from a hang glider and broken his pelvis. Very involved stuff and the trainer set up some very realistic-looking “injuries.”

I also spent 3 days hiking and camping on the fells, spending 2 nights in my tent in different places in the middle of nowhere. The picture is my tenant a few feet above a waterfall on the first night It was fabulous and just what I needed after the past few tough weeks.

Now for this week’s snippet. Two weeks ago I went back to Favourite Toy 2 which I intend to finish this year, finally.

The last snippet saw Ryan crying on the anniversary of the death of his love. A few months later he finally agrees to a night out with best mate/housemate Dean and while they’re in a club, Ryan sports Dean’s boyfriend Casper’s best mate in trouble.

* * * * *

I nodded, and Dean made his way to the bar. I glanced around me again, my gaze briefly landing on the dancers, some in pairs, some in threes, others alone, all gyrating to the fast beat of the music. A familiar bleached head in the crowd caught my eye and I recognised Casper’s friend Remy, dancing in a trio with a pretty blond guy and a taller, tattooed one with a military-style haircut. The hunk faced Remy, holding him tight, while the blond gyrated against the bigger guy’s back. As the dance track ended and gave way to another similar tune, the big guy grabbed Remy and his friend by the arms and led them off the dancefloor. Remy dragged his feet, glancing around him, until the hunk yanked at his arm and almost pulled him off his feet. The three of them disappeared in the direction of the toilets.

* * * * *

Hunks, Ryan and Dean, have to step in, of course 🙂

If you want to join in with Rainbow Snippets, follow the link below where you can post a link to a 6-line-ish teaser from a published work or WIP and check out the other awesome snippets posted HERE.


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