Rainbow Snippets – 1 September 2019

I’m back! I can’t remember if I’ve missed 2 weeks or 3, time has got away from me lately. My Mum was taken by cancer 2 weeks ago and it was her funeral on Friday, so obviously that has been pretty much all that has been occupying my mind. I am coping very well, but my dad isn’t so I’ve been visiting a lot more than normal – and visiting isn’t a quick run over to his house as he lives 65 miles away. Luckily my amazing boss lent me his tiny company Smart car which goes like a rocket and hardly uses any fuel so that has been amazing.

Anyway, I haven’t even been on my FB page for a couple of weeks, so this morning I caught up with the last couple of weeks worth of snippets.

I have two stories ongoing that I really want to try and finish now. I haven’t really done much writing this year. Favourite Toy 2 only needs about another 10,000 words, so I’m getting started with that and consequently I’ll post some snips from it. If you haven’t read FT1, it’s about Dean and Casper, two characters who aren’t keen on settling down until they meet each other. Dean’s housemate Ryan loses his boyfriend in a car accident later in the story and the second book is about Ryan. In this snip, it’s the first year anniversary of Danny’s death. Casper has since moved into Dean’s room and is on hand when Ryan’s grief catches up with him.

* * * * *

A sob escaped before I realised tears were already pouring down my face. My temples pounded, and my eyes stung as I cried like a baby, tears dripping onto my chest and the sheet, and snot collecting on my upper lip. I bawled, and rather than push Casper away when he came back and kneeled on the bed beside me, I wrapped my arms around him and soaked his shirt with my heartbreak. It went on and on, until I was exhausted and shivering. Casper drew back a few inches and I grimaced at the sight of his shirt, slimy from my nose leaking on it.

“Sorry,” I croaked.

“It’ll wash.” Casper unfastened his tight blue shirt and shrugged it off. “I think you needed that.”

* * * * *

If you’d like to join in with Rainbow Snippets, the more the merrier, but in any case, please check out the other snips in the page for some awesome tasters of other LGBT stories. Click HERE.

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