Rainbow Snippets – 3 August 2019

Happy weekend Snippetteers! I haven’t done anything very exciting this week. Work has been busy, I haven’t managed to do any writing, but I did get back to running again which I haven’t done for a few weeks. At least my dog enjoyed himself as he gets to go with me when I run!

I have more from The Power of Will. Tyler reads more of the journal and suddenly finds himself in another dream, or perhaps a different reality.

* * * * *

Rather than pick up where I left off, I recapped on some of the pages I read that morning, visualising the events as William described them. The sandwiches sat forgotten on my plate and I leaned back on the couch cushions, remembering my imaginary meeting with him. It had only been a dream, but it had seemed so real. I could still feel the cool touch of his hand. I closed my eyes and brought the face of the figure to mind. I pictured him on the banks of Derwentwater, which he’d written about.

* * *


I turned from the water’s edge, grinning. “Sorry, I was miles away.”

“I could see that. Anywhere interesting?” William smiled back and lifted a hand to tuck a loose lock of hair away inside the hood of his waterproof jacket. Interesting—his attire was more modern, similar to my own hiking trousers, boots, and jacket. Only my hood was tucked away in my jacket’s collar and my hair clung wetly around my neck.

“No, not really.” I took a step closer to him and reached for his hand. His fingers, cold and wet, clasped mine.

* * * * *

If you’d like to join in with Rainbow Snippets, authors post links to short excerpts, 6 lines or thereabouts, from WIPs, published works or recommendations. Check out the group HERE for some great reads.

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