Rainbow Snippets – 18 May 2019


Happy weekend, Snippetteers! Lots has happened this week. Work was manically busy, my car has gone into the shop for a facelift, and I’m counting off the days to my first holiday of the year next week – 7 days hiking and camping in Wales. I can’t wait. Also my mum had her first session of chemotherapy on Thursday which is a step forward. She was given medication to stop her feeling nauseous, and she’s feeling positive that the hospital isn’t wasting any time getting on with it.

If you’d like to join in with Rainbow Snippets, authors post links to short excerpts, 6 lines or thereabouts, from WIPs, published works or recommendations. Check out the group HERE for some great reads.

For this week’s snippet, I have more from The Power of Will, my paranormal romance. This snip directly follows last week’s, as Tyler reads more of the journal.

* * * * *

“Shit!” My eyes widened as I continued reading. What must it have been like to be gay in—? I flipped back to the first page for the dates. 1931. William had died in 1931—aged twenty-eight. He’d written the journal in the last year of his life. My heart thumped faster and I wiped damp palms on my jeans before I turned the page again. Was this his history, waiting for someone to find? Waiting for me to find it? Apparently, no one had before, or at least not in a very long time judging by the state of the outer box I’d found it in.

Peter will no longer have anything to do with me, and that breaks my heart. We were in love. I am still in love, but he shunned me the moment people found out about me. I should have been more discreet, he said, but instead I ruined what we had. He’s getting married…

“You poor sod,” I muttered.

I have to remember the happy times we had. When we first met, I was twenty-four. I’d imagined I’d spend my life alone because of my unnatural yearnings…

* * * * *

7 thoughts on “Rainbow Snippets – 18 May 2019

  1. Oh my goodness my heart is aching reading this and I’ve got tears in my eyes! Really like where it’s going though. Glad your Mum’s getting the treatment she needs too x


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