Rainbow Snippets – 11 May 2019


Happy weekend, Snippetteers. And Happy Mother’s Day to those who have Mother’s Day this weekend (ours was in March 🙂 )

I’m snippetting from The Power of Will again. Last week Tyler found a journal in the cellar. He put it aside and a week passed in his life as he got some local jobs doing various handyman tasks, and his parents and sister have just been for a visit.

* * * * *

An unusual silence descended on the cottage, broken only by the sounds of the television. Usually something could be heard outside—birds tweeting, a dog barking, voices, the odd door slamming—but there was nothing. I muted the TV and strained my ears to hear something else. Absolutely nothing. A chill crawled up my spine and I sat up straight, telling myself a cold draft from the small open window had made me shiver.

The living room door slammed, and I started, lurching to my feet. What the fuck? Another glance at the open window convinced me a draft had made the door slam, and when I reached up to close the small opening, a chilly breeze brushed my hand. That was it. Blowing out a breath, I turned away from the window and my gaze landed on the small table in the corner—the table that was half-hidden when the door was open. The lid was off the box and the cover of the journal open as if inviting me to take a look. Once again, an icy finger touched the back of my neck and I shuddered. Until a second later I remembered Stacey had been wandering around poking at everything. She must have taken a look at it, although it was strange she hadn’t mentioned the book. Shrugging, I lifted it from its box and carried it back to the sofa. I might as well read a few pages and learn who William Bartlett was.

My name is William Bartlett. I am twenty-eight years old.

The same age as me.

I am a homosexual. I hate the word, but it’s not the worst one that people use when they point their fingers at me.

* * * * *

If you’d like to join in with Rainbow Snippets, authors post links to short excerpts, 6 lines or thereabouts, from WIPs, published works or recommendations. Check out the group HERE for some great reads.

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