Rainbow Snippets – 27 April 2019

Morning, all! It’s a miserable day here today – after the gorgeous warm sunny Easter weekend, this weekend is cold, damp, and very windy, Yuk. At least I have time to do some writing.

This week’s snippet is more from The Power of Will. I’m intending that re-reading the chapters I have done will prompt me to write more, and also to finish another WIP I have on the go. I seem to have got distracted lately by writing Lost Boys fanfiction *cough.*

Now, Tyler has another creepy episode in his new cottage.

* * * * *

When I finished, I scanned the kitchen floor for the pencil. The small square room with its fitted units provided no hiding places, and yet the pencil was nowhere in sight. “What the hell? Where did you go? Now I’m talking to a fucking pencil.” I bent to check if it had rolled under anything, even though there were no gaps anywhere. Eventually, my gaze reached the cellar door with a half inch gap at the bottom. It was the only place the pencil could possibly have gone, despite the fact it was at least eight feet away from the counter it had fallen from. Puzzled, I took the key from the drawer where I’d put it, unlocked the door, and switched on the light. No pencil. Not on the top step, or any of the lower steps. I narrowed my eyes. It couldn’t have vanished into thin air.

I squinted down the steps into the shadows. Right at the bottom, almost out of sight in the darkness, lay a small shape that looked like a pencil. Even though it was completely impossible it could have got that far by itself, I made my way slowly down the steps, frowning and chewing my lip. When I picked up the item, I discovered it to be my lost pencil—red, in need of sharpening, chewed at the end. Impossible.

* * * * *

If you’d like to join in with Rainbow Snippets, authors post links to short excerpts, 6 lines or thereabouts, from WIPs, published works or recommendations. Check out the group HERE for some great reads.

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