Rainbow Snippets – 20 April 2019

Happy Easter, Snippitteers! I am spending my weekend running, gardening, writing, and visiting parents on my motorcycle. We have gorgeous weather, my mum is out of hospital and getting on okay, and I have four days off work. I just need to leave the hot cross buns alone and not have any more Easter eggs 😀

My snippet of the week is more from The Power of Will. Last week the cellar in Tyler’s old cottage gave him the creeps – it’s about to get creepier.

* * * * *

Flicking on the kitchen light, I moved to the sink and paused mid-stride. The cellar door stood wide, revealing the impenetrable darkness beyond.

“What the fuck? I locked it.” Frowning, both at the prospect of the key turning by itself, and my talking to myself—again—I strode to the cellar door and switched on the solitary bulb to light the steps. “Anyone there?” Like someone would enter my house and wander into the cellar. I cleared my throat. “Hello?”

Obviously, there was no answer. Taking a couple of steps down into the shadows, I glanced around, then retreated, yanked the door closed with a bang, and turned the key. This time I removed it from the lock and placed it in one of the kitchen drawers. I took my glass of water, turned off the lights, and went to bed.

Despite my exhaustion, I tossed and turned, straining my ears for the slightest sound. Each breath I took broke the silence and when I rolled over, making the bed creak, I stiffened. Twenty-eight years old and I was freaking myself out over a mysterious open door. Clearly, I’d not turned the key properly the first time. The catch was probably ancient, and the unlocked door had simply swung back, carried by its own weight. Satisfied with my explanation, I finally relaxed enough to fall into a restless slumber.

* * * * *

If you’d like to join in with Rainbow Snippets, authors post links to short excerpts, 6 lines or thereabouts, from WIPs, published works or recommendations. Check out the group HERE for some great reads.

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