Rainbow Snippets – 13 April 2019

Happy weekend, Snippetteers!

I finally had some good news about my mum. Dad and I went so see her in hospital last Sunday and she was in high spirits. Since then she had her staples taken out, feeding tube removed, and just heard that she should be going home tomorrow or Monday. Not out of the woods yet, as she has to wait for more tests in 5 – 6 weeks to find out whether they succeeded in getting rid of the cancer and whether she will need chemo or radiotherapy, but she’s massively better than she was even 10 days ago 😀

Now for this week’s snippet from The Power of Will. The cellar in Tyler’s new cottage gives him the creeps.

* * * * *

I reached out to open the cellar door, guessing it would be locked. Before I had the chance to turn the large key, the door swung inward, slowly and silently, until it bumped against the wall. Steps led down into the bowels of the cottage, most of which were hidden in the darkness. It was too dark, considering bright sunlight filled the room behind me. None of that seemed to filter down more than two or three of the cellar steps.

“Creepy.” I flicked the light switch on the wall to my right and much to my relief, a single lightbulb suspended above the steps lit the way, and part of the area below. I made my way down carefully with the bike. Cool air surrounded me as I descended, and goose bumps rose on my skin. The fine hairs on my arms lifted and I wasn’t sure if it was the cold, or the strange sensation as I reached the cellar floor. I twisted my head around, convinced I was being watched.

“Idiot.” I scolded myself as I placed the bike against the wall. “You watch too many horror films. And now you’re talking to yourself. Better not let that get to be a habit.”

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