Rainbow Snippets – 31 March 2019


Hey, Snippetteers! I’m late this week, but better late than never.

My mum had her surgery on Monday, and although the operation took much longer than expected and she’s still in hospital, the doctor is pleased with how she’s getting on. I’ve been able to talk to her every day for a couple of minutes. She’s quite down, but is out of bed sitting in a chair for periods of time and is eating, so that’s good at least.

Anyway, this week I have something different. A really long time ago I started writing a paranormal mm romance called The Power of Will and then kept putting it aside for other things. I’m still working on finishing Favourite Toy 2, but I thought I’d post from Will for a few weeks, with the intention of finishing the book later in the year.

All me to introduce you to Tyler. Running away from a failed relationship, he moves to a new town where he has bought a cottage in serious need of some TLC.

* * * * *

I closed the door for the last time and leaned against it. The narrow hall was made narrower by the stack of boxes at one side, and I dreaded the thought of unpacking. Locating the box marked “kitchen counter,” I took it into the square room with its old-fashioned green tiles and beige units. I dug out coffee-making supplies and placed the items on the dusty counter. The tap over the aluminium sink squeaked when I turned it, and the pipes groaned before a spurt of brown water issued from it. Grimacing, I waited until it ran clear, then filled the kettle. I hadn’t checked whether the electricity had been switched on, but when I plugged in the kettle I was relieved to find it had. While the water boiled I peered out of the window at the overgrown garden, wondering for the hundredth time whether I’d done the right thing.

* * * * *

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