Rainbow Snippets – 23 March 2019

Happy weekend, Snippetteers! This week has been slightly more positive for me in that my mum’s surgery is booked for Monday and they HAVEN’T cancelled it yet, only called her to confirm the time the hospital car will collect her on Sunday to take her in. So it seems like it’s going ahead this time. Monday afternoon we’ll know how it went, so all we can do now is hope for a good outcome. My mum has sounded much more upbeat on the phone this week as she can finally see the end of the horrors she’s going through at the moment. Anyway, please send good vibes for my mum on Monday, xx

Now for this week’s snippet. This is the last one from Favourite Toy 2 for the moment. I want to concentrate on finishing writing it and getting it out there so you can all (hopefully) enjoy it!

A few days after Ryan and Remy’s awkward none-conversation in the kitchen, Ryan suggests they meet in a pub to talk, but it doesn’t go the way he expects.

* * * * *

“Remy, I—”

“Wait. You don’t have to say anything.” He paused and gulped some of his drink, his white knuckles as he gripped the bottle betraying tension. He placed the bottle back on the table and folded his hands together in his lap. He met my gaze, his hazel eyes determined. “I don’t want things to be awkward anymore at home. It was my fault it happened, and I’m sorry. You were so drunk you barely knew what you were doing. When you kissed me, I stupidly thought if we could sleep together once, I’d be happy, and you’d just enjoy having a bit of fun and it would all be okay. You must know I like you. I’m not very good at hiding my feelings.”


“Let me finish. I should have gone to bed and left you on the sofa and everything would have been fine. I couldn’t help myself and since you seemed happy to go along with it, I encouraged you. This last week has been really shit, and I just want to forget about it and be friends again. I’m not even gonna tell Casper. You can imagine what he would say, I’m sure. He’d call you all the names under the sun and it was me who acted all out of character and asked you to fuck me.”

I glanced away and stared at my beer. He was giving me the easy way out. All I had to do was agree with him and go back to being friends. It wasn’t what he wanted, but he was doing it for me.

“So?” He tilted his head until I looked at him again. “Are we okay?”

“Yeah. We’re fine. Friends.” I grinned.

He smiled back, a too-wide smile that didn’t reach his eyes. “Great! It’ll be good to get back to normal.”

“Definitely.” I lifted my beer bottle and gulped some. Why did I feel so disappointed?

* * * * *

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7 thoughts on “Rainbow Snippets – 23 March 2019

  1. Hope your Mum’s operation went really well. Hugs. As for Ryan he may think taking the ‘easy way out’ is the best decision but that last line makes me think he’ll regret it? Remy is so sweet and noble here too – really feel sorry for both of them, though angry and frustrated at Ryan too!


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