Rainbow Snippets – 9 March 2019

Hi, Snippetteers! My week has been up and down. On the good side, I wrote over 4000 words of Favourite Toy 2 so I was pleased with that. On the bad side, my mum was supposed to be going into hospital this weekend for surgery on Monday. She got a call on Wednesday saying it had been cancelled because someone more important has jumped the queue. They can’t even give her an alternative date. Needless to say, we, the family are all raging. MORE IMPORTANT? Seriously? More important than a 77 year old woman with cancer who can now barely get out of bed because of the pain, who’s already been waiting far too long. My dad even went to church this week and he’s an atheist. They’ve worked and paid their taxes and national insurance for over 50 years and this is the treatment they get. I found out when I was at work and my poor colleagues listened to a barrage of foul language for quite a while.

Anyway… onto this week’s teaser from Favourite Toy 2. Ryan wakes up after his New Year’s Eve extremely drunken romp with Remy.

* * * * *

I opened my eyes, flinching in the bright light flooding my room. Why the hell didn’t I shut my curtains? I squinted, my temples pounding. How much did I drink? Jesus. All those fucking cocktails. Vodka and rum and tequila and gin and—my stomach lurched. I scrambled up, staggered to the bathroom, and made it just in time.

I have got to stop doing this. It’s just like last year. Only last year I’d woken on the sofa in my clothes. This time, I’d woken in my bed, naked, with—I glanced down—a condom still on my dick. I disposed of it and pissed, flushed the toilet again, and crawled back to bed. What the hell had I done?

Unable to face thinking too much, I buried my face in the pillow and willed myself to go back to sleep. Despite my discomfort, both physical and mental, I drifted into unconsciousness and stayed that way until lunchtime. Then noise from downstairs disturbed me—music, voices, someone running up and down the stairs, Casper screeching with laughter.

I rolled over and risked opening my eyes again. The extra sleep had done nothing for my hangover—my head pulsed viciously. The only thing to fix it was plenty of water and some strong coffee. Finally, I thought about it. I fucked Remy. What the hell was I thinking? He was my friend, my housemate, and I’d treated him just like I treated the long line of one-nighters and exes in my past.

* * * * *

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10 thoughts on “Rainbow Snippets – 9 March 2019

  1. (hugs) I’m sorry. You’re amazing, how you’re tapping into your creative energy at such a time …this is such a powerful snippet. Ryan’s fuddled state and growing anguish as he recalls what happened…wow, this is vivid, intense, raw, and detailed (heart)


  2. So sorry to hear about all your family is going through – I really hope your Mum gets the op she needs as soon as possible. Wonderful snippet – so Remy didn’t stick around to find out what Ryan’s reaction was going to be in the morning? Feeling sorry for both of them at this point, awkward times ahead I really hope they manage to sort it out!


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