Rainbow Snippets – 2 March 2019

Happy weekend, Snippetteers! I have had another very busy week both at work and at home. I haven’t actually written anything new for quite a while, and had computer drama again which lost my last round of edits and half a chapter from Favourite Toy 2, but that turned out to be okay. I wasn’t happy with the last couple of thousand words anyway, so this morning I re-edited, then rewrote the scene I wasn’t happy with. It’s much better now!

Here’s another snippet from the book. Last week Ryan really didn’t know what he wanted after trying dating several guys for short periods of time. Now, on New Year’s Eve, with Dean and Casper out on a date, Ryan messes things up about as badly as he can manage after too many cocktails. How is he going to deal with the aftermath? This snip is slightly NSFW.

* * * * *


“Yeah.” I concentrated fiercely on getting his buttons undone. Buttons were so fucking difficult when you’d had too much to drink.

“Are you sure this is what you want?”

“Yeah,” I said with conviction. Naked skin was what I wanted, and at last I found it. His chest was warm and smooth, a little soft over his pecs. I stroked and squeezed, squirming around to get my legs up on the sofa. Remy groaned and moved under me. His legs were apart, one either side of me, and he was rock hard.

“Ryan,” he whimpered.

“Mm.” I silenced him with another kiss and closed my eyes, my head spinning.

What happened next blurred at the edges. I was aware of staggering, stumbling, supporting myself with my hands on the stairs as I scrambled up them. A soft mattress under me, warm naked skin against mine, Remy’s soft hot mouth, my hands on him, tight wet heat on my fingers, the snap of a condom, Remy murmuring in my ear, “Fuck me.”

I’d never been one to suffer from the proverbial “brewer’s droop.” No matter how much I drank, I could still get hard. How good I was at actually fucking in that state, I couldn’t say. I came, eventually, my thrusts awkward and shallow, Remy’s teeth sharp on my shoulder as if he meant to draw blood. When I rolled off, he groaned, and I wondered if I’d hurt him. I opened my mouth to ask if he was okay, but blackness rolled in and I slipped away.

* * * * *

Please click the link HERE for the Rainbow Snippets Group for lots more snippets. If you’re new to Rainbow Snippets, authors post links to 6-line snips from their LGBT WIPs, published worked, or recommendations. You may find your next favourite read here.


9 thoughts on “Rainbow Snippets – 2 March 2019

  1. “I wondered if I’d hurt him”… hm, depends what happens in the morning, but I’m guessing it’s Remy’s emotions he needs to worry about hurting really…


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