Rainbow Snippets – 23 February 2019

Happy weekend, all! I’m late this week – yesterday was unusually hectic and all I managed to do was catch up on snippets from last week! Finally, I’m up to date with this week’s and had chance to post my own.

In Favourite Toy 2, Ryan ditched Tristan last week. A few months later, he’s dated a couple of others, but still hasn;t found that special someone.

* * * * *

Robbie was nothing like Tristan. We saw each other once a week for six weeks, and the only contact we had in between them was a couple of texts in the middle of the week, confirming plans for the following Saturday, and chats at the pool when he was there with his class. I slept with him a few times and it was fun, but not mind-blowing. We broke up at the end of November by mutual agreement. Apparently, I didn’t really float his boat either, but there was no argument, no embarrassment, and subsequently no awkwardness when we saw each other at the pool.

I’d never taken Robbie home. He had his own small flat and we went there to have sex, so Dean and the others had never met him. A week after we broke up, I dated a man I met in the pool cafeteria. I’d stopped going to the coffee shop I liked after my brief relationship with Tristan.

Starting to date someone three weeks before Christmas always made Christmas itself awkward. That whole “do I buy him a present?” question and if so, what should it be? Luke like everything I liked, but there wasn’t that spark between us I hoped for. I bought him a DVD I wanted for myself, just in case, and was relieved I did that. We went out on Christmas Eve and both realised we liked other dancers in the club more than we liked each other. We parted amicably with a kiss and a “merry Christmas,” and headed into the toilets with other guys for a bit of fun.

I was still frustrated with myself. I didn’t know what I wanted, and Dean was back to calling me a serial dater. I denied it, but of course, there had been Tristan, then Robbie, then Luke, all for about the same length of time as I’d dated each person I met before Danny.

* * * * *

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