Rainbow Snippets – 15 December 2018

Happy weekend, Snippetteers! Is everyone ready for Christmas? I still have a few things to do – the tree is going up this weekend, I still have some food/drink to buy and a few cards to write, but otherwise, pretty much there. One more week of work and then we shut down until after the New Year – can’t wait for the long break and hopefully I’ll have time to do lots of writing.

When you’ve checked out my latest teaser, please click the link HERE for the Rainbow Snippets Group for lots more snippets. If you’re new to Rainbow Snippets, authors post links to 6-line snips from their LGBT WIPs, published worked, or recommendations. You may find your next favourite read here.

I have more from Favourite Toy 2 today and hopefully if I keep posting teasers from it, I’ll get it finished soon!

After having a good cry, Ryan talks to Casper (Ryan’s housemate’s boyfriend) about his lost love.

* * * * *

I pulled out my phone and showed him some of the many photos I had of Danny, obviously not the naked ones or the sex ones. But I had lots of others and they brought back a lot of wonderful memories.

“We had such a short time together.” I sighed heavily. “I knew I loved him after a week. Maybe less than a week. I’d never met anybody like him. He was adorable. He was so young when he died. What a fucking waste.” I flicked to another picture, one of Danny in a swimming pool, hanging onto the side with one hand. “He didn’t even like swimming. He wasn’t very good at it, but he took lessons so he could see me while I was at work on Saturdays.”

The reminiscing lasted an hour, and a few more tears escaped, but I felt a tiny bit less sad than I had when I woke with the hangover from hell.

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