Rainbow Snippets – 10 November 2018

Happy weekend, Snippetteers! Hope you had a good week. Mine was extremely busy, and I did a First Aid Course for work on Friday. I was a first-aider in my job about 20 years ago and now my current job, which only had 3 people, now has 7 people, so they needed a new first-aider. I volunteered and the course was excellent. The St John’s Ambulance guy who did the training made it fun and engaging and all 10 people on the course passed. I learned heaps, and it’s a kind of introduction to the intensive 2-day outdoor first aid course I have to do next year for my mountain leader training 🙂

Anyway, time for another snippet. I have a couple more from Favourite Toy for this month, before I move on to Favourite Toy 2.

After Casper apologised to Dean for outing him, Dean explains why he hasn’t wanted to settle down with anyone.

* * * * *

“I started seeing someone when I was in uni. I was eighteen, he was a year older. We were pretty secretive about it. I didn’t want to come out any more than he did. It went on for over a year and I thought we were—” I coughed, embarrassed. “In love. Turns out he had a girlfriend he spent all the holidays with. He wasn’t willing to give her up and when I found out, he said I could either accept it and carry on as we were, or he’d find some other piece of arse to fuck until he finished uni. My rose-tinted view of it was all bullshit. He’d been telling me what I wanted to hear. He probably thought I was a stupid romantic prick.”

“What a bastard!” Casper edged a few inches along the couch towards me.

“Yeah. It took me a while to forget about it. When I left uni I came out to my family. My parents barely speak to me now. My dad thinks I’m disgusting. My middle brother Darren’s the same. My younger brother David’s eighteen and he doesn’t care, but he still lives with our parents, so we don’t see each other much. It’ll be different when he finishes school. He’s doing his exams at the moment and is hoping to get into Nottingham uni. He says once he’s out from under Dad’s thumb he’ll never go back, and he’ll see me as much as he wants.”

“I’m so sorry.” Casper shuffled closer still.

“Thanks. So that guy I was with in uni—Jason. He’s why I’ve never dated anyone since. I met Ryan not long after I came home. He’s a swimming coach. We got this place and we used to go out and find guys to hook up with. We started this stupid game where on the first day of each month we’d pick a guy for each other. That night I met you would have been the last time because Ryan had just started seeing Danny. I didn’t expect to like you that much.” I stopped and dragged a hand through my hair. “I’ve never brought anyone back here. Rarely had a whole night with any of them. I asked you to hang around the next day because I thought maybe it’d be cool to spend some time with you. When you walked away, I felt like a dick, so I made out to Ryan that I didn’t give a toss.”

“I wanted to stay. I was scared.”

“Of what?” Finally looking up, I found Casper’s gaze fixed on my face, so close I could have kissed him without having to move more than a few inches.

“I thought I’d like you too much and it would end up the same way my past failures have. You’d get sick of how I am. Remy says I’m high maintenance.” He laughed nervously. “Thanks for telling me all that, by the way. I won’t repeat any of it, despite how I demonstrated how big my mouth is on Monday.”

* * * * *

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