Rainbow Snippets – 20 October 2018

Happy weekend, Snippetteers! Welcome to Rainbow Snippets.

When you’ve checked out my latest teaser, don’t forget to click the link HERE to check out the Rainbow Snippets Group for lots more snips. If you’re new to Rainbow Snippets, this is the place where authors post links to 6-line or thereabouts teasers from their WIPs or published LGBT stories. You may find your next favourite read here!

Today is my birthday and I’m celebrating with two of my favourite things – a meal in my favourite Mexican restaurant, followed by a night of horror at a place called Hinchingbrooke House. There is a maze in the grounds and as you make you way around it after dark, a host of scary characters from horror movies jump out at you and chase you around. There’ll be the Clown from Stephen King’s IT, Jigsaw, Freddie Krueger, Jason Vorhees, Michael from Halloween, and lots more scary characters. It sounds terrifying!

In the meantime, it’s release day for Favourite Toy. This is the second edition of the book, which has been tweaked and amended here and there, the spellings amended to British ones, and not much else. It’s on my blog today too, with a giveaway for a signed paperback and a chance to get a few copy of the new book if you already bought the original.

Anyway…. here’s my snippet! After a night of passion, Dean puts his foot in it badly (a longer snip than usual to celebrate the book now being available 😉 )

* * * * *

As I wandered into the room, a bare-chested Casper looked up from the kitchen table, a dripping fried egg sandwich in his hands. “Hey.”

“Hey!” Something inside me lurched and I quickly looked away, meeting the amused gazes of both Ryan and Danny. “I need coffee.”

“Good night, was it?” Ryan winked. “Bacon sandwich?”

“No, thanks. I’ll get something in a bit.”

“I hope you don’t mind,” Casper said. “I was starving, and Ryan offered. Danny shoved my shirt in the washing machine, so I won’t have to go home smelly. It’s in the drier. Aren’t you eating?”

“Yeah, later.” I took the mug of coffee Ryan passed to me and paced around, unsure how to behave. I’d never been in this position before. Never. A guy at my house after spending the night, chatting with my housemate and his boyfriend, sharing breakfast like he belonged there. Part of me liked it, while the other part wanted to run away from it. Maybe it would have been better if I’d kicked him out after all, even if it meant missing out on him sitting on my dick in the middle of the night.

Other than the sound of the drier, and bacon spitting in the frying pan, an awkward silence surrounded us. Casper ate his egg sandwich, I sipped my coffee, and Ryan poked at the bacon. Danny slipped away upstairs. Eventually Ryan met my eyes and jerked his head in Casper’s direction. “Talk to him,” he mouthed silently.

“Give me some more coffee.” I held out my empty mug and took a seat at the table opposite Casper. He shoved the last bite of sandwich into his mouth and licked his fingers.

“Get it yourself, lazy bastard,” Ryan retorted. Casper’s lips twitched, but he said nothing. I stared at him, taking in his clean-shaven face and perfectly-styled hair. He’d been up a while.

“Do you want to hang around this morning? Or go out and do something?” The words came out of my mouth without any conscious thought going into what I would say and my face warmed, much to my annoyance.

Ryan let out a huff of amusement and Casper avoided my eyes. The drier stopped, and he shot out of his seat to retrieve his shirt.

“All right, I’m going.” Slapping his bacon between two slices of bread, Ryan left us alone, closing the door behind him.

“I have to go.” The pink T-shirt muffled Casper’s voice as he pulled it over his head.


“I had a good night. See you around.”

Before I could think of a response, Casper had grabbed his jacket from the back of his chair and was halfway down the hall to the front door. I turned away to make more coffee, inwardly shrugging. It had been a hook-up. That was all. So why was I bothered he was walking away so casually? The front door opened and closed and immediately Ryan poked his head around the kitchen door.

“He’s gone? I really thought you two were going to be at item.” His loud laugh annoyed the hell out of me.

“Of course he’s gone, it was just a hook-up,” I snapped. “A bet, right? You picked the furthest from my type you could get.”

“Dean—” Ryan’s face froze and the hair on the back of my neck stood up a second before Casper spoke.

“Of course it was just a hook-up. It might have been nice to think you actually wanted to fuck me though, rather than have your friend pick me out for you. I forgot my phone.” He strode past me to the kitchen table, snatched up his phone, and shoved it into his jacket pocket.


Ignoring me, he marched down the hall again, opened the door and slammed it behind him hard enough to shake the glass panel in the upper half.

New release blog post below:


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