Rainbow Snippets – 1 September 2018

Happy weekend, Snippetteers! It’s a very happy weekend for me, with the long-awaited release of Summit. It’s already getting some great reviews so I’m very excited about it. It’s almost a year since I climbed Kilimanjaro myself, and I’d hoped to get the book out 6 months’ later, but it took longer to write and edit than I’d anticipated. Anyway, it’s out now, and today’s snippet is another few lines from Ash and Sean’s summit night.

* * * * *

“Sean, are you okay?” His steps had slowed again and he moved with his head down, arms hanging limply at his sides. I concentrated more on him to take my mind off the fact that my hands were so cold I couldn’t feel them and the wind blew inside my hood, chilling my neck and face.

“Yeah. Just exhausted.”

“We should be at Stella Point soon.”

“I want to eat something, but my hands are too cold.”

“Mine too.”

“What do you need?” Sean’s porter stopped and unzipped the top of his backpack. “Food?”

“Yeah. There are some sweets in there.”

The man pulled out a bag of sugary jelly sweets and passed it to Sean.

“Thanks, man.” Sean fumbled with the bag with his thick gloves, tipping sweets into one hand. “Want some?” He held out the bag to me and crammed several into his mouth.

“Yes, please.” A mouthful of sugar would give me a boost. Sean shook a few sweets into my hand. As I tipped my head back to toss them into my mouth, I glimpsed orange from the corner of my eye. “Look!”

We all looked to our right, delighted by the narrow glowing line across the horizon, indicating the sun was on its way up. “The sun’s coming up, guys!” Sean shouted to everyone around us. Whether it was the sugar or the knowledge that dawn was close that invigorated him I wasn’t sure, but when we started moving again moments later, he walked more briskly with his head up. I passed my poles to a porter and thumped my hands together, hoping to warm them enough so that I could use my camera when we reached the summit.

* * * * *

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