Rainbow Snippets – 4 August 2018

Happy weekend, Snippetteers! I finally have a release date for Summit! It will be available on 1 September 2018, only my second release this year, so I’m excited to see it people like it. The official cover reveal will be on Monday, and Gay Books Promotions are arranging a release blitz for me. I have a blurb now, too, and today’s snippet is 2 days later in the tent.

* * * * *


When out of condition divorced lorry driver, Ash Tomlinson, makes the spur of the moment decision to climb Kilimanjaro, he doesn’t consider how much it will change his life. There’s the training, the equipment to buy, the fear of altitude sickness, and of failure. And there’s Sean, a man who makes Ash question what he really wants for his future.

Sean Briggs is a school sports teacher and wishful mountain leader, longing for the chance to lead people on mountain hikes, but never having taken the plunge to do the training course. While he thinks about it, he decides to undertake the trip of a lifetime on Kilimanjaro.

The two men meet on a training weekend in Wales, and afterwards Ash goes home and tries to forget about Sean, but finds it impossible.

When the pair strike out for the summit of the highest mountain in Africa, their physical and mental strength is tested, and their growing feelings for each other help them push through the toughest moments of the trek.


“Here they are!” Sean pulled out his thermal leggings and stripped off his jogging bottoms to put them underneath. I couldn’t help staring as he pulled the clingy thermals up his legs. His crotch filled out the soft fabric nicely and I wished at that moment that our tent was a few hundred metres away from the others.

“Damn, you look hot. I’m gonna make you put them on when we get home,” I whispered. “Without the briefs underneath.”

“Perve.” Sean flashed me a smile. “You have a kink for thermal long johns?”

“Yeah, when you’re wearing them. If I wasn’t out of breath just dragging stuff out of my bag, I’d jump on you.”

He laughed breathlessly. “Everything is such an effort up here. I thought I was fit, but like you said, just sorting your bag out makes you breathless. God, I’m freezing, too.” He pulled his jogging bottoms back on over the long johns, peeled off his upper layers, and put on his thermal top, then the microfleece over it. I copied him, thermals, with fleece and jogging bottoms over them, and thick furry socks. Once we were in our sleeping bags with the zips done up to our necks and woollen hats on our heads, I moulded myself to his back.

Other than one disturbance to get up for the toilet, during which I had to go out in the cold while Sean used his bottle and stayed warm, we slept well. I hadn’t thought I’d be able to sleep much in a cold, uncomfortable tent with constant sounds around us of other people snoring, coughing, and getting up and down all night. But utter exhaustion wiped out most of the group in between pee trips. When I opened my eyes at the sound of our tent’s outer flap being unzipped and one of the cooks calling out “Good morning!” I was amazed to find it was already six o’clock. We’d had a slightly later start the previous day, but now it was the final day before the summit and we were starting earlier to give us chance to sleep in the afternoon.

* * * * *

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8 thoughts on “Rainbow Snippets – 4 August 2018

  1. Nice snippet. I cannot imagine doing anything like this. In fact, I’m reminded of the Dyatlov Pass incident. ~shudders~ What a mystery there… Best wishes on the release, my dear. Thank you for sharing. And, as always, Happy Writing!


  2. Lol – reminds me of an ancient TV comedy sketch featuring a couple in a cold climate stripping off for sex when summer came – but by the time they’d got all the layers off, winter was back! 😉


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