Rainbow Snippets – 21 July 2018

Happy weekend, Snippies! So, today I had a lovely day out with a biker friend. We visited a lighthouse about 100 miles away on the east coast of England. We’ve both been to it before a few years ago, but we’re lighthouse fans and this particular one has just had a new coat of paint and was having an open day. We rode there on our bikes, went up the lighthouse, walked along the cliff path, and had lunch in a nearby pub before riding home. A wonderful day after we’d both had stressful weeks.


My snippet of the week if more from Summit, my Kilimanjaro story. The group of hikers begin their next day on the mountain, with Ash determined not to fail.

* * * * *

Breakfast was more water melon, porridge, sausages and omelette, and toast with assorted spreads such as butter, jam, or peanut butter. I ate as if my life depended on it, dwelling on Phil’s words: “Eat yourself to the summit.” I didn’t want to fail. Whatever else I’d done in my life that hadn’t gone to plan, I would not fail at this unless Doctor Mark wouldn’t let me continue for my own good.

After we finished eating, we trooped out of the tent to collect our backpacks and poles from the pile we’d left them in. Five minutes later we were on the trail. We had a couple of hours left in the jungle before we broke out of the trees and headed for Shira Plateau. Mostly we walked in single file, but the order of the line changed numerous times, so everyone got the chance to talk to each other.

* * * * *

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