Rainbow Snippets – 14 July 2018

Happy weekend, everyone! It’s a scorcher here and set to be hotter tomorrow – 28 degrees, I think! I’ll be doing one of my really long runs tomorrow, but starting about 6.30am before it gets too hot. Then I’ll be languishing in a very cold shower!

My snippet is more from Summit, with Ash and Sean getting ready to spend their first night in a tent on the mountain.

* * * * *

Sean and I quickly rearranged our tent by placing the bags at one side and the sleeping bags next to each other. The temperature had dropped and by the time we stripped down to our thermal layers, we were shivering. We wriggled into the coffin-shaped sleeping bags and snuggled together, spooning as best we could with my chest to Sean’s back.

“You okay?” I leaned in and brushed my lips against his ear.

“Yeah. You?”

“Yeah.” Apart from my right hip already aching from lying on the hard ground with only a couple of thin sleeping mats under me. Plus I knew I would wake up with a stiff neck from using a stuff sack full of clothes for a pillow which was the wrong height. I had a hint of heartburn, too, and that would be worse in the morning. Getting horizontal right after eating never did me any good. But none of those things were worth complaining about. I was in an amazing place, doing something incredible with someone I loved being with. Everything else seemed insignificant.

* * * * *

Click the link HERE to check out the Rainbow Snippets Group for lots more snips. If you’re new to Rainbow Snippets, this is the place where authors post links to 6-line or thereabouts teasers from their WIPs or published LGBT stories.

10 thoughts on “Rainbow Snippets – 14 July 2018

  1. I used to love camping and I’ve suffered from all those niggles at one time or another, even after graduating to an airbed, which always went down in the night. I agree with Ash, the all seem to fade away when you smell the canvas, listen to the night around you or just lie close to someone you love. My absolute favourite was when it was raining heavily (at least when we had a waterproof tent)


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