Rainbow Snippets – 30 June 2018

Happy weekend, Snippetteers! I have been off work this week, so have enjoyed having less stress and some time for relaxation. I’ve done a lot of running, walking, cross-stitching, reading, and I built a multi-gym from a box full of quite unidentifiable pieces of equipment that looked like you’d need an engineering degree to assemble! It was great fun and now I can use the new piece of equipment to build up some muscle for my planned mountaineering expedition next year. There are no porters to carry your gear on Mount Elbrus in Russia, like there were on Kilimanjaro last year, so each person has to carry at least 15 kilos on their backs, at altitude, which I already know is extremely tough. So my muscles need to grow – quite a bit!

Anyway, onto this week’s snippet. More from Summit, my upcoming novel based on Ash and Sean who meet while in training to climb Kilimanjaro, and develop their relationship during the expedition. It won’t be too long before I can do a cover reveal and announce the release date. I should probably write the blurb, too! 😀

In this snippet, the group have arrived at the National Park gates, eaten lunch, and are setting out on their first day of hiking.

* * * * *

When everyone had finished eating, Phil called for attention and announced that we had five minutes before we would set off to the first camp. Our holdalls had already been removed from the bus and set off ahead of us, carried on the heads of some of the vast number of Tanzanian porters assigned to take care of us. We applied extra sun cream and insect repellent, put on wide-brimmed hats, shouldered our backpacks, and prepared our hiking poles. This was it. The first leg of the very long trek to the top of the mountain. My heart thrummed with excitement and a glance at Sean’s beaming smile and bright eyes told me he felt as I did.

The lead Tanzanian guide set off slowly along a dusty path through the jungle and we followed in single file, with more guides and Phil and Mark mingling with us. Cameras and phones made repeated appearances during the four-hour trek to the camp, as we marvelled at the huge trees, mosses, and plants, and the monkeys and birds high up in the branches over our heads. Phil reminded us several times to drink regularly and I got into the habit of sucking water from the tube connected to the water bladder in my backpack every few minutes.

* * * * *

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