Rainbow Snippets – 28 April 2018

Happy weekend, Snippetteers! It’s a dreary wet one here, after the lovely weather a week ago. Winter is back, just in time for me going camping next Saturday. ๐Ÿ˜ฆ Anyway, I have a busy weekend planned with a friend visiting today for lunch out, and me visiting another friend tomorrow, so I’m early with my Snippet.

For those of you who read my post last week, the 12 little plants I rescued are doing great, all with a few new green shoots on them. It’s too wet to be outside with a camera, but I’ll snap them when they get a bit bigger ๐Ÿ™‚

Now for this week’s snippet. Last week Ash and Sean arranged to see each other. A week has passed and Ash waits in a coffee shop.

* * * * *

I watched the street, checking my phone every few minutes for the time or in case I received a message, hopefully not from Sean to say he changed his mind. I had to remind myself he was always late for everything, but despite that by eleven twenty I feared the worst. He wasn’t coming.

I waited a couple more minutes, then rose and went to the counter. “I’m just gonna get something while I wait,” I said, peering up at the detailed menu on the wall. “A cappuccino, please.”

The door banged open, then slammed closed, and footsteps hurried around the tables to the counter. “Make that two!” Sean panted. “I’m sorry, Ash.”

I glanced at him. “You don’t even know what I ordered.”

“As long as it’s got caffeine in it, I don’t care.”

“Okay. I’ll get it. I was sitting at the table by the window.” I pointed and he went to take a seat. I joined him a minute later and placed one of the coffees in front of him before I sat down. “Are you okay?”

“My stupid truck broke down just as I came off the A1. Managed to get parked safely, but then I had to hitch a lift here. I would have been early for the first time ever. Typical.” He shrugged out of a Fat Face hoodie and draped it on the back of his chair. Underneath, a tight blue-green stripy T-shirt clung to his chest.

* * * * *

If youโ€™re new to Rainbow Snippets, authors post links to 6-line teasers from LGBT+ stories to whet your appetite for some amazing stories. Check out the groupย HERE.

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