Rainbow Snippets – 14 April 2018

Happy weekend, Snippetteers! Long time, no see. I went away hiking in Wales last weekend, and haven’t managed to catch up with Facebook or anything else since as it’s been a busy week. But I had a great time, caught up with some Kilimanjaro friends and picked up some bruises 😀 I’ve managed to catch up on last week’s snippets this morning, so now for mine.

If you’re new to Rainbow Snippets, authors post links to 6-line teasers from LGBT+ stories to whet your appetite for some amazing stories. Check out the group HERE.

More from Ash in Summit – I left you with him fearing his best mate Dave’s reaction to finding out that he met a man in Wales. What do you think Dave has to say? Ash fears the worst.

* * * * *

“Tell you what?” I avoided his gaze, my face on fire and my eyes smarting. He wasn’t supposed to find out. I only had one good mate. Was I about to lose him?

“That you’re bi.”

“I’m not!” I bellowed.

“Ash, listen to me a minute.” He leaned across the gap between our seats and whacked me on the knee with a magazine he snatched from the coffee table. “Hey. Look at me.”

With a heavy sigh, I lifted my head and met his eyes—his friendly blue eyes coupled with a smile. I frowned. This wasn’t going the way I thought it would if he ever found out.

“I know I can be a dick and I joke around all the time, but I’m not homophobic. My dad’s gay.”

“Your what?” My eyes widened. “How the hell can your dad be gay? He was married to your mum forever. They had you, for Christ’s sake!”

“Yeah, but he’s always been gay. He was born in a time when it wasn’t accepted. He met Mum and married her with the intention of doing what was expected. Eventually, after about ten years they had me, and yeah, he was good to her. But when I got older I found out they were great friends and nothing more. They had separate rooms and she knew. She knew his secret and she agreed to keep it if he stayed with her until I was old enough to leave home. Then she got sick and he stayed anyway until she died. We had a talk after the funeral and he told me everything. She’d even left me a letter, to say he’d been a good husband and I should support whatever he wanted to do with the rest of his life, even if it was different to what I expected. She didn’t say it directly, but he did. He’s seventy-five now and he’s truly happy for the first time in his life. He’s been with this guy, Paul, for ten years.”

“Fuck,” I breathed. I almost felt like I’d fallen down the rabbit hole. Dave’s dad seemed every bit as rough and ready as Dave, and I’d heard he’d been devoted to Dave’s mum. And yet he was like me. Well, not like me. I liked women, too, but it meant I had an ally. Dave understood.

9 thoughts on “Rainbow Snippets – 14 April 2018

    1. Glad you liked the snippet! I got the bruises when I was hiking down a mountain and something I put my foot on gave way. I went head first down a small drop (only about 18 inches) and most of what I landed on was grass, but I hit my left shin on a rock. It’s appropriately rainbow coloured! 😀


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