Rainbow Snippets – 31 March 2018

Happy Easter, Snippetteers! Sorry for my lateness this week. Yesterday I went out for the day with my best friend, and when I returned a brand new laptop was waiting for me to collect it from my local store! I spent the rest of the day setting it up and all of this morning transferring files from the old one and installing more stuff – including my blog! So finally I’ve got round to catching up on everyone’s snippets and creating my own for the week.

If you’re new to Rainbow Snippets, authors post links to 6-line teasers from LGBT+ stories to whet your appetite for some amazing stories. Check out the group HERE.

This week I have more from Summit, which is only about 5000 words away from being finished! I need to buckle down and wrap it up, and get to work with my cover designer for the book cover!

Anyway, last week Ash was trying to put his best friend Dave off the scent of Ash having met “someone” in Wales. But Dave won’t be dissuaded…

* * * * *

Much to my dismay, his gaze landed on my phone where I’d thrown it and he snatched it up. “Let’s see. What’s your passcode again? Oh, yeah. It’s your birthday. Imaginative.” Grinning, he tapped in the code and opened the phone. My heart sank further at my stupidity. Who the fuck used their birthday for a security code?

“Give me the phone,” I demanded half-heartedly. I knew he wouldn’t.

“I’m trying to help here. Let me get on with it.” He opened my contacts and began scrolling through the names, but after a minute he reached the end and shrugged. “No new girls’ names in there, so you haven’t got her number. Do you know where she lives? Presumably she’s doing Kilimanjaro, is she?” He continued tapping at my phone and to my horror, opened my photo gallery.

“Fucking give it back, Dave!” I snarled.

“Whoa. Someone’s hiding something.” He looked up at me, then glanced down at the phone as he scrolled to the next picture. And there it was. Sean and me on top of Snowdon. Fuck. “Who’s this?”

“One of the guys from the Kili group.” My face burned and I struggled to think of a way out of this.

“You look pretty friendly.” Dave looked at the picture again, then gave me the phone back and frowned. “Wait a minute. This is who you met? A bloke?”

“Of course I met him, dickhead. I met about a dozen people, men and women.”

“Okay. Correct me if I’m wrong, but the organised summit hike was supposed to be in the middle of the night, wasn’t it? So, this had to be the next day or the day after that? Which means the guy in the picture stayed longer—with you.” Dave’s eyes narrowed. “And your reaction to me finding this photo speaks volumes. Why didn’t you ever tell me?”

8 thoughts on “Rainbow Snippets – 31 March 2018

  1. With friends like that…. Off track completely, my son has an app called fml where people post stories and you vote if it deserves to be a fml moment. One of the was by a guy who had climbed Kilimanjaro. He had a tattoo of the outline of the mountain with Kili underneath. His girlfriend then posted a pic of the tattoo on social media stating it was the Lonely Mountain and Kili was his favourite dwarf. It appealed to my LOTR geekiness 😀 Seriously though, this was a great snippet. I wonder how Dave will react once it sinks in


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