Rainbow Snippets – 25 February 2018

Happy weekend, Snippies! (I just had to borrow that from Ryan Durrant, I love it!) I’m awfully late this week – my Saturday ended up being so busy I forgot to snippet! And not only that, but the whole week was so busy I fell behind on my reading too, so I’ve now finally caught up on everyone’s snippets from last week and this week.

If you’re new to Rainbow Snippets, this is the place where authors post links to 6-line teasers from WIPs or published works in the LGBT genre. Check out the group HERE and feel free to join in.

My teaser of the week is more from Summit, my three-quarters finished novel about climbing Kilimanjaro. Last week Ash and Sean were on a training weekend in Wales, the first time they met each other. With both of them staying on an extra couple of days for more hiking, things start to happen. I’ve skipped forward past their first kiss on Snowdon, which I think I’ve posted in the past. This is a later, rather steamier kiss.

* * * * *

Sean lifted his hands to my shoulders and slipped one around the back of my neck. I closed my eyes, taking my time exploring his mouth until his groan of impatience spurred me on. I thrust in with my tongue, crushing his lips with mine and tugging him tighter against my body. He rocked his hips, letting me feel how hard he was. My half erection was instantly rock hard, and I slid my hands around to his arse to hold him in place. Too many clothes separated our skin and just as I thought I would have to pry my hands off his deliciously firm buttocks to take something off, he leaned back and peeled off his hiking shirt. His chest was exactly as I imagined from the small triangle of skin I’d seen before—smooth and hairless with a tantalising line of light brown hair below his navel that disappeared into the top of his hiking trousers. I moved one hand upwards, stroking his back, then dipped my fingers into the back of his trousers. I found tight, slightly damp underwear, but the waistband prevented me getting my hand in any farther.


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