Rainbow Snippets – November 18, 2017

Happy weekend, snippetteers! Welcome to another week of snippets. If you’re new to this, author post links to 6-line or thereabouts teasers to LGBT+ stories with a wide variety of themes. Check out the group HERE and you might find your next favourite read.

More from my new novel, Summit, this week. After Ash woke from a hot dream about Sean last week, now he meets Sean and they climb Snowdon together. At the summit, they take a selfie.

* * * * *

“Come on. Your first mountain conquered. Something memorable, don’t you think? Or how about a selfie?” He moved to my side and touched something on the phone to flip the screen. He took a quick picture of the two of us and checked it. “Hell, Ash, you look like a serial killer. One more, and smile this time.” He moved in closer, crushing my arm between us. I pulled it free, hesitated for a moment, then draped it around his shoulders. I smiled inanely, hoping I didn’t look too ridiculous. I hated my smile. My lips went thin and almost disappeared, and my eyes crinkled half shut.

“That’s better!” Sean showed me the picture and I had to admit it wasn’t bad. Well, it wasn’t bad of me. He looked amazing—windswept, bright-eyed, beaming from ear to ear, and flashing his ultra-white teeth. The red hiking shirt he wore stood out brightly against my dull brown one, the zip-neck open far enough to show a “V” of pale skin. I imagined him smooth-chested, hairless except for a light brown happy trail. My dick stirred and I gulped.

* * * * *

I’m writing part of the story for NaNoWriMo this year, and Ash and Sean are on Kilimanjaro, following in my own footsteps 🙂

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