Rainbow Snippets – November 11, 2017

Happy weekend, snippetteers! Welcome to another week of snippets. If you’re new to this, author post links to 6-line or thereabouts teasers to LGBT+ stories with a wide variety of themes. Check out the group HERE and you might find your next favourite read.

My snippet is from Summit, my new novel which I’m now writing in NaNoWriMo to get it done as fast as possible. I have over 18k done in NaNo, and another 20k written prior to that, so it’s coming along well so far.

Ash and Sean met on a training (hiking) weekend in Wales, after they both signed up to climb Kilimanjaro. After I did it myself in October, I’m now able to write about their adventure with all the details of what I experienced.

Ash and Sean are still in Wales, and have had dinner together in a pub the first evening. Sean is camping while Ash stays in a guest house.

* * * * *

Confused as hell, I let myself into my room, discarded my shoes and jacket, and threw myself onto the bed. Why hadn’t I just kissed him? He’d been flirting with me on and off all evening. I wasn’t so dumb I hadn’t recognised it. It had surprised me, because I’d only recently begun to accept my recent efforts to get in shape made me look better in every respect. So, it wasn’t totally unbelievable someone would like me. It had just been so bloody long since I had my hands on a man, and this was different to those other times. If anything happened, it wouldn’t be a quick romp and then walk away from each other. It would be more, and I wasn’t sure I was ready for it, or could accept that about myself.

Eventually, I got up, stripped off my clothes and cleaned my teeth before getting into bed. I tossed and turned for a while before I slept, and when I woke, I was torn from a dream where Sean was in bed with me, grinding his body against mine and kissing me as if his life depended on it. My dick was as hard as stone and I’d leaked into my underwear.


10 thoughts on “Rainbow Snippets – November 11, 2017

  1. I’ll bet he didn’t want to wake up from that dream! Great snippet. Can feel the torment of not knowing what to do.


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