Rainbow Snippets – September 30, 2017

Welcome to another week of Rainbow Snippets. Authors post links to teasers from LGBTQIA stories, so don’t forget to check the others HERE when you’ve caught up with my boys’ adventures.

More from my Kilimanjaro story. My own trip to the mountain is looming – 12 days to go! The story is written up until Ash and Sean get on the plane, and I’ll finish writing it after I’ve done the trip myself.

In the meantime, last week the characters were trying to get a couple of hours’ sleep before a midnight climb up Snowdon. Ash and Sean share a dorm with two older guys, Steven and Graham. Now it’s time to get up and get ready.

* * * * *

“Whassatime?” Sean mumbled from above.

“Half past eleven,” Graham responded. “We’d better get up.”

“Bollocks. I only just fell asleep.” Sean swung his legs off the side of his bunk and jumped to the floor. He had stripped down to plain white briefs to sleep, and suddenly his well-packed crotch was almost in my face as he stood next to the bunks, groping around for something on the top one. I couldn’t stop myself from staring, just for a few seconds. He was about half hard, the shape of his dick obvious above his balls as they nestled in the tight fabric of his underwear. I breathed in sharply, grimacing as my blood headed south.

Sean lowered one hand and adjusted himself, right in front of me, then turned away, an item of clothing tucked under his arm. I stayed where I was until he grabbed something else from his bag in the corner, and left the room. Graham was on his feet by then, trying to find something using only the dim glow of light under the door.

“I’ll put the light on,” Steven said, and flicked the switch. We all blinked and groaned. I waited until the others had finished dressing. The space in the room was limited, and I didn’t want to get out of my bunk with an obvious hard-on.

11 thoughts on “Rainbow Snippets – September 30, 2017

    1. Haha, it wasn’t deliberate on this occasion 🙂

      The midnight climb is to mimic the final push for the summit on Kilimanjaro, which is done at night, reaching the top at sunrise. I did Snowdon at night with my group for this reason. It explains that in the story earlier on when it’s being talked about 🙂


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