Rainbow Snippets – September 16, 2017

Welcome to another week of Rainbow Snippets,- the place where authors post links to teasers from their LGBTQIA stories. Check out the others at the link when you’ve caught up on what my boys are doing this week.

I have more from my Kilimanjaro story. Last week Ash met Sean for the first time. They’re with a bunch of other people in Snowdonia, about to have a short hike and some chatter with the organisers. Ash has just discovered Sean is gay and as he’s attractive to Ash, Ash wonders if there’s a chance for him to have a bit of fun, but he’d rather keep it as only that – a one-off with no strings, the way he’s been used to since his divorce.

* * * * *

I thought about it, while Jim and Mags got the group organised and people put on hiking boots, stowed things they didn’t need in their vehicles, and collected packed lunches from one of the tables. Sandwiches, crisps, apples, cakes, and bottles of water were provided. I absently took a tuna sandwich, even though I hated fish. I was questioning myself, asking myself why I shouldn’t have a bit of fun if Sean was of the same mind. We were over two hundred miles from my home, no one here knew me, and it wasn’t as if I would ever see him again, unless he happened to be on the same Kilimanjaro trip as me.

“What date are you doing Kili?” he asked, pulling me from my thoughts.

“The twelfth of October.”

“Me too! Cool, I was hoping I’d meet someone on this weekend who’s going. It’ll be good to see a friendly face at the airport. The other training weekends I’ve been on, sod’s law not one person is going on my trip.”

“That’s great,” I enthused.

* * * * *

But is Ash really that enthusiastic when he realises he’ll see Sean again in a few months’ time? And that Sean doesn’t live too far away from him? Hmm…

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