Rainbow Snippets – September 9, 2017

Hey, Snippetteers! I hope you’re all having a good weekend so far. I had an exciting morning test riding two motorcycles with a view to deciding what my next bike will be. One of them I’d tried before and it was amazing, so it was an easy decision. If only I didn’t have to wait 6 months before I can get it!

Anyway, it’s Rainbow Snippets day – time for authors in the GROUP to post links to teasers from their LGBTQIA stories, so check out the others as well and you could find your next favourite read, or a new author you’ll love.

I have more from my brand new story based on the preparation for and climbing of Kilimanjaro. It’s untitled for now. Last week MC Ash was thinking about what his best mate Dave’s reaction would be if he found out Ash had previously fooled around with a guy (or several).

This week the snippet is from Ash’s training weekend in Snowdonia. If you’re part of my Louise’s Honeybees group, you might have read his first meeting with Sean, but if not…  Ash and all the other people on the training weekend have arrived and are waiting for one last person who is late – Sean.

* * * * *

Everyone turned to watch as a battered pickup truck tore into the parking area, leaving a cloud of dust in its wake. The door flew open and a guy almost fell out of it, before slamming the door and running around the other side to grab a backpack and a pair of hiking boots. He toed off his shoes, jammed his feet into the hiking boots, and walked toward us, laces trailing. “Sorry! Am I holding you up?”

“Don’t worry, Sean.” Jim clapped him on the shoulder and smiled. “Let me introduce you to the others. You know Mags and Melanie.” Jim went around the group, indicating each person and reciting their names. How he remembered everyone, I would never know, but at least the repetition helped me remember them. By the time Jim got to me, Sean had finished hopping around on one leg, trying to tie his boot laces without bending down. He grinned at me, green eyes twinkling. At untidy lock of dirty blond hair fell across his forehead.

“I’m hopeless with names,” he said in a low voice. “I can remember yours, because he said yours last, but I’ll have forgotten the others in five minutes.”

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