Rainbow Snippets – September 2, 2017

Happy weekend, everyone! I hope you’re all enjoying yourselves. It’s hot and sunny here, and I had a wonderful night out last night with dear friends, enjoy a meal, a few beers, and a live band. Here’s me and my best friend, Donna 🙂

Now for some snippets. If you’re new to Rainbow Snippets, check out the group HERE. Authors post links to teasers from LGBTQIA stories in a variety of sub-genres, and there’s always something new to read.

My snippet of the week is more from my (untitled) story based on the challenge of climbing Kilimanjaro. First, a quick description which I’ll probably edit into a blurb later:-

Ashley Tomlinson is 37 years old, a long distance truck driver, divorced after ten years married to Helen. He’s bi, but not ready to admit it. He’s “fooled around” with several men, before he was married, and after his divorce, but it’s only been hand jobs, blow jobs, all quick fumbles, and he never saw any of them again. He thinks his best mate and his brother would probably have a problem with it, so he keeps it to himself. But when he meets Sean and tries to forget about the fun they have when they spend a couple of days together in Wales, he finds it’s not so easy to put it behind him, especially with the prospect of seeing Sean again on Kilimanjaro looming.

Sean is out and proud, fit (he teaches sports), and an experienced hiker. He also had a 10 year relationship, but his boyfriend ditched him for someone else right after Sean turned 30 – he’s now 34. Even though he tries not to get involved with Ash, knowing it’s unlikely to go anywhere, he falls hard and fast, and gets hurt when Ash avoids him, even though it turns out they live less than an hour away from each other.

This week’s snippet is a few weeks after Ash signs up to climb the mountain. He’s started exercising, improved his diet, and looks a lot better. His friend Dave hasn’t seen him in a few weeks and thinks Ash’s improvements will help them both “hook up.” But Ash is thinking about something he has never confessed to his friend.

* * * * *

“We should go clubbing. You’ll easily pull the birds. Point a couple in my direction.”

“Yeah, I suppose.” I remembered the last time we’d found two women to spend the evening with. It was the last time I’d done it and I could picture her as if I’d seen her yesterday. Her name was Marnie—pretty, brunette, blue eyes, a little on the heavy side, like me. She had an incredible sense of humor and laughed like a donkey braying. We’d even tried a couple of dates after that one night, but it turned out we hadn’t had much in common and we’d decided amicably to forget about it.

There had only been one time since then. Dave hadn’t known anything about it. All the years I’d known him, and I still didn’t know how he would feel if he found out I’d been with a man. Several men, over the years. I knew in my heart I was bi, but every time I got it on with a guy, I told myself it didn’t mean anything and that it was only “fooling around.” Stupid, in this day and age. Most people probably wouldn’t care.

“Ash!” Dave waved a bottle of beer in front of my face. “Off with the fairies?”

I choked and my face warmed. “Um, yeah, just remembering the last time we got lucky. I dated Marnie a couple of times.”

11 thoughts on “Rainbow Snippets – September 2, 2017

  1. Dave reminds me of one of those guys that’s never going to get past the high school mentality. I’m thinking that he and Ash are starting to have less and less in common…


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