Rainbow Snippets – April 22, 2017

Welcome to another week of Rainbow Snippets. Authors post links to 6-line snippets from WIPs, published works, or recommendations for LBGTQI stories. If your’re new to Rainbow Snippets, check out the group HERE. You’re bound to find some great reads in a variety of genres.

My snippet is from Separation, my recently released taboo story. Last week’s snippet saw Matthew and Tremaine have their first kiss, and Matt was immediately shocked, mentally telling himself to stop. This snippet follows on from last week’s, and is the last few lines of that particular chapter.


I didn’t stop. I kissed him again, yelling at myself in my head while I caressed his lips with mine and delighted in his heated response. It was so wrong, but it felt so good. Desire flared through my belly, more intense because I already loved him. I’d never felt anything like this before, and I didn’t know if it was because what I was doing was forbidden, or it was such relief to do what I’d refused to think about over the past couple of weeks.

Tam broke the kiss and pressed his face into my neck, his body trembling in my arms. “Don’t, Matt. Please.”

My stomach turned over and my racing heart almost stopped. I’d ruined everything. I’d got it wrong. The pictures didn’t mean anything. The episode in the club had been about Jaz after all. My face burned and I pulled back, letting my arms fall to my sides. “I’m so sorry. I don’t know what happened. I—”

I registered that Tam hadn’t let me go, but continued to cling to me. His words were whispered so quietly, I barely heard them. “I want you so fucking much.”


Matthew Langford is told on his twenty-first birthday that he has a twin. After the initial shock, he quickly realizes this is why he always felt part of him was missing. His search takes him 200 miles to Devon, UK, where he meets fraternal twin, Tremaine Wheal.

The pair discover many things in common, and quickly become as close as if they’d never been separated. But when they share a moment in a nightclub, each realizes there is more between them than having shared a womb. Panic sets in and they part. Once again their separation brings loneliness and pain.

Eventually, unable to stay away from each other, they tentatively move forward together as lovers. But secrets don’t stay secret for long, and discovery and questions threaten their happiness.

This is a taboo story featuring twins.

Buy Links

Amazon US: https://www.amazon.com/Separation-Louise-Lyons-ebook/dp/B06XJDK49Y

Amazon UK: https://www.amazon.co.uk/dp/B06XJDK49Y

Smashwords: https://www.smashwords.com/books/view/708649

Payhip: https://payhip.com/b/lD9Q

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