Rainbow Snippets – February 4, 2017


Hey, Snippetteers. I hope you all had a good week.

The Rainbow Snippets group has been running for over a year now, but if you’re new to it, check out the other ships in the link. If you’d like to join in, post a 6-line teaser from a LGBTQI WIP, published work, or recommendation on your blog and add a link to it in the thread on the FB group. Don’t forget to check out everyone’s teasers.

Last week I posted the first snippet from my new novella, Separation. I’m working on editing the story at the moment, but I’m not done, so please forgive any errors. This snippet roughly follows on from last week’s – there is more dialogue before this, but it’s in the same scene.

* * * * *

“How can I find him?” The words came out rough and strangled, and I cleared my throat.

“The adoption agency has records. They won’t tell us where he is, but they’ll register your interest in searching for him and if he contacts them, then—”

“If? If he contacts them?” I wrenched free of her arms and paced the room, wringing my hands. “What if he doesn’t even know I exist? He might never contact them!” The thought that I may go through the rest of my life never getting the chance to meet the brother I’d only just learned about, sucked the breath out of me. I stopped my pacing, my chest heaving with emotion.

* * * * *

Separation should be available some time in the Spring, but I’ll keep you updated and let you know when I have a release date.

8 thoughts on “Rainbow Snippets – February 4, 2017

  1. That has to be very frustrating and scary (at my aunt’s funeral last week we learned she had a child when she was a teenager and none of us knew until the girl’s name was in the obit’s as she was in contact with my aunt but yeah we’d never have known to look for her).


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