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It’s the most horrible time of the year.

Smooches under mistletoes and tacky reindeer decorations.

Newly single, Davey has had enough of wasting his love and having his heart broken. Better to be single, he decides. No more dates. No more falling in love. No more dreaming of happy ever afters. Those are for movies.

He’s resolute.

And then Avery steps into his life, bringing care, compassion, and tenderness in his path.

Davey’s so tempted to hope again. But can an online date and a brief encounter turn into anything other than an ephemeral sexual encounter?

Is there a future for them? Will Avery stay? And most importantly, can Davey bear to offer up his heart to the season’s love—just one more time?

Jingle Spell Chris Ethan Cover



“Were you waiting long?” Davey apologized.

Ave took a sip and shook his head. “Literally got here two minutes before you did. I was lucky I found a table. This place is packed tonight,” he said looking around.

“Yeah, it’s why I hate fucking Christmas. Every kind of hopeless human goes out that one month and think they’re kings or queens of the world,” Davey commented, but Ave’s look made him curse himself mentally. He didn’t want to come across as an asshole on the very first date.

And another mental slap reminded him this wasn’t a date.

“Yeah, I have to agree. You get the weirdest people out during festive times. But I don’t know. I quite like Christmas. If I wasn’t so busy with work I think I’d enjoy it more,” Ave said.

Davey pulled himself back. “My God! You are a weirdo!” he exclaimed and laughed. Thankfully, so did Ave.

“So…” Ave said dragging the word as long as he could and Davey knew what was coming. Are you top or bottom? What’s your thing? Do you do safe sex? Have you been tested? Which one was it going to be? “I never actually asked your name. What is it?”

“Fuck!” Davey cursed. It was true. They weren’t even on a first name basis. And his nickname on Cinderfella didn’t count. DTop26 was not a name anyone could use publicly, and if they did, they didn’t deserve his time of day. “I’m Davey. How did I never think to say? Or ask for that matter? Is yours Ave?”

Ave nodded. “Avery actually, but I thought not everyone needs to know my name. Not that it’s hard to guess.”

“Well, I didn’t. But I’m stupid so I don’t count,” Davey said.

Avery frowned. “Oh, shut up. You are not. I’m sure you aren’t.”

It was nice of Avery to make an effort to be a decent human being before shacking up. It was even bordering on sweet.

“You haven’t known me long enough, that’s why you’re saying that,” he replied and drank half his beer in one gulp.

“Well, yeah, that’s true, but tonight’s a start, right?” Avery said, and when Davey cocked his head trying to understand what he’d just said, Avery rushed to add, “If we want it to be.”

Maybe Davey had underestimated Avery and his intentions, but he could be misinterpreting what the man was saying. It wouldn’t have been the first time. After all, what gay dude doesn’t do sex on the first date? Or whatever this whole meeting was, anyway.

“Do you want to grab some food? I haven’t eaten much today and I’m starving,” Avery said.

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About the Author

Chris Ethan is a book whore. He enjoys selling his feelings for money and other pleasures and is blatantly unashamed to do so for as long as he breathes. Chris Ethan is also a persona for Rhys Christopher Ethan, author of fantasy and sci-fi. He uses Chris Ethan to share stories of adult queer romance with those who need it. Before you delve into his books however, be warned. He likes putting his characters through shitstorms and hates anything conventional. But then there’s that darned happy-ever-after. Also, he likes swearing. Deal with it!

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