Rainbow Snippets – November 26, 2016


Happy weekend, Snippetteers! I hope everyone had a great week and you’re ready from some teasers from a wide variety of awesome LGBTQ stories from many authors.

Check out the Rainbow Snippets group HERE when you’ve read mine, and if you want to join in, the more the merrier. Authors post a link to a 6-line snip from a published work, WIP, or recommendation and everyone else gets to enjoy and be tantalised.

For the past few weeks, I’ve been posting tastes of Regeneration, my first sci-fi romance novel. It’s currently being edited and I’m hoping for a January release.

In last week’s snippet, Kim told Novak about himself and was pleasantly surprised by the reaction. Now moving on to Chapter 3, Novak tells Kim how he got his name:-

* * * * *

“Novak was a comic book character.” Novak grinned.

“Really?” I couldn’t imagine him reading comic books.

“Yeah. A superhero. They didn’t let us read shit like that—you know that—but I usually managed to view recreation modules without getting caught. Maya said I should pick another name to go with it, but I couldn’t think of one, so she chose for me. She said Christian suited me. I’m not so sure about that, but I took it anyway.”

I smiled at him. Somehow what he’d told me made him seem more… human wasn’t the right word, but more… something.

* * * * *

If you want more Regeneration, I’m posting Chapter 1 in 4-5 parts in the Wednesday Briefs group. The first three parts are up, links below:-

Chapter 1 Part 1

Chapter 1 Part 2

Chapter 1 Part 3

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