Rainbow Snippets – November 19, 2016


Hey, Snippetteers! Welcome to another week of Rainbow Snippets. If you haven’t checked out the group before, follow the link HERE to find links to 6-line teasers from lots of great LGBTQ stories.

My upcoming sci-fi romance novel, Regeneration, has been the subject of my snippets for the past few weeks, and I’m continuing with another taster. In this scene, Kim and Novak are alone in the galley. Kim refuses to face Novak, but is prompted to reveal a little about himself when Novak seems curious rather than condemning over Kim’s inability to see in the dark, after Novak suspected he could be a regenerate.

* * * * *

“I come from S.K.18. I’m one of the first batch of regenerates. I’m fast and strong, and I have the enhanced intelligence. I’d almost reached the top level of education in genetics by the time I was fifteen, and I learned to fight by watching defense modules, and from people I’ve met since I left that place. I can’t self-heal or regulate body temperature any better than a regular human, and I don’t have the vision. I was the only survivor of the batch, but I was still a failure.”

“That doesn’t make you a failure. You got away from that place somehow, and they don’t let anyone leave. How’d you do it?” The hair on my neck rose as he moved closer and his heat warmed my skin.

“I planned my escape carefully. You know how many guards they had patrolling. I killed five people to avoid recapture and to save myself, then I stole a ship. I guess I have a bit of fight in me.”

* * * * *

Want more? I’m posting Chapter 1 in its entirety in the other group I’m part of – Wednesday Briefs. You can read the first two parts of Chapter 1 below, and the rest of it will appear over the next couple of weeks.

Chapter 1 Part 1

Chapter 1 Part 2


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