Rainbow Snippets – November 12, 2016


Hello, Snippetteers! I hope you’ve all had a great week and are looking forward to some tasty teasers from this week’s posts.

If you’re new to this, check out the Rainbow Snippets Group on Facebook where you’ll find links to 6-line excerpts from awesome authors’ LGBTQ WIPs, published works, or recommendations. If you’d like to join in, feel free – the more the merrier.

For the past few weeks I’ve been posting snips from my upcoming sci-fi romance novel, Regeneration. It’s not edited as yet and I don’t have a release date, but I hope to have it published early next year.

NB. If you want to read Chapter 1 in its entirety, check out my Wednesday Briefs posts, starting November 9. The chapter will be split in several parts over the coming weeks, but you’ll get to learn more about Kim and the new arrivals on Pardus.

This snippet is from Chapter 2. The planet of Pardus is home to a species of extremely large, vicious, panther like creatures and one has managed to get into the facility. Novak, able to see in the dark, deals with it. Afterward…

* * * * *

Seconds passed and when a warm breath touched my face, I realized Novak was only inches away. The smell of him and the heat of his body made me shiver, and I cringed when I remembered he could see me.

“Scared?” Novak sounded amused.

“Don’t be ridiculous.” My voice shook and I bit my lip, irritated by my reaction to his closeness.

“Not scared of me, or the cats. So what does scare Kim Fortune?”

I blinked rapidly and looked up. I made out the glint of his eyes as he stared down into mine. I struggled to breathe normally, but it seemed impossible. “Nothing scares me.”

“Not even how you feel?”


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