Rainbow Snippets – November 5, 2016


img_20161104_195220081Hello, Snippetteers! Ooh, it’s bonfire night. Anyone going to see one, or to a firework display? I’m not, but I live really close to a field so I can see them out the window. Luckily my new puppy, Casper, isn’t bothered by the bangs. There were quite a few going off early last night and he just sprawled about yawning and snoring and didn’t turn a hair.

Anyway, here’s the snippet of the week. It’s another taste of Regeneration, my first venture into sci-fi, which is currently in pre-reading and is expected to venture into the big wide world early 2017.

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In last week’s snippet, Kim learned a little more about convict Novak and refused to be intimidated. This snippet is just after that scene as Kim thinks about the other man.

* * * * *

I’d never encountered anyone like him and it seemed we were to spend some time in each other’s company if I meant to leave Pardus behind. Maybe things would be different this time. He was a regenerate, so if I revealed we came from the same place, it wouldn’t matter to him. But would it matter when he realized I was a failure? Lacking most of the attributes I should have? Probably. My enthusiasm faded and I tried not to hope, but in that way I was too human. I felt, and hoped, and longed, and prayed it wouldn’t matter to him.



10 thoughts on “Rainbow Snippets – November 5, 2016

    1. Novak’s not very likeable at the beginning, but he’s not actually a bad guy – just one that is engineered to have no emotions. When he tells his story, he might endear himself a bit more 😉


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