Creepy Halloween – True Story

Hey, everyone. It’s a long time since I’ve posted anything on my blog besides Rainbow Snippets, Wednesday Briefs, guest authors, and my own promo. But as it’s Halloween weekend, I thought I’d post this little story, which might interest some of you (at least those who believe it ghostly happenings).

english-galleon-revenge-in-legoMy mum has always been particularly “sensitive” and told me a few things that happened when she was young. For instance, when she was 16, she and a friend cycled to the beach for a picnic. This would have been in 1958. They sat on the beach and suddenly saw a galleon in full sail heading straight towards them – but the tide was out and where it was, there was no water. They jumped on their bikes and pedaled home like the devil was after them, but later did some research and discovered several ships (more than 100 years earlier) had crashed onto the rocks close to that area and sunk.

Mum then told me about her “visitor.” She started seeing him when I was a baby, a tall, burly man with a beard, dark hair slicked back, wearing dark trousers and a dark, thick cable-knit sweater. She didn’t feel threatened, but more like she was being watched over. Then when I was a toddler she saw this “man” with his hand on the head of a small child and she got scared and called the local vicar. He visited the house and did a blessing, and she didn’t see this man for several years after.

Now, ghosts are supposed to hang around one house, but we moved several times and when I was older (late teens) Mum started seeing him again around the house we lived in at that time. She never told me or Dad until later in case it made us nervous, but she went to see a medium a few times. Mum was illegitimate and her father, who she never met and never wanted anything to do with, was married to someone else and had two sons. The medium said Mum had relatives she’d never met in Australia and that one of her brothers had possibly died. Anyway, she laughed it off as a load of baloney and put it out of her mind. But she kept seeing the man more and more frequently and at that time my Dad had a couple of “dalliances” and my parents separated for about 18 months. It seemed like Mum’s visitor was keeping an eye on her to see she was okay.

Now it gets more interesting. I’ve never seen anything odd that I can remember. I’m kind of half and half about whether I believe in ghosts or not. There was one time when I was about four years old, when I asked my mum who the man sitting in the rocking chair in my room was, but I can’t remember doing it or seeing anyone, and there was nobody there. The only thing that ever sat in the rocking chair was a couple of my teddies.

But about a month before I moved out of my parents’ home to the house I bought with my fiance, I saw the man Mum had described in such detail, from the corner of my eye. When I turned, he wasn’t there, but I felt like someone was keeping an eye on me, not in a scary way, but as if he was saying, “I’ll watch over you.” I shrugged it off and didn’t tell Mum or Dad. Then about six months later in my new house, I was coming down the stairs and I saw “him” walking down the hallway. I said “Hello, it’s you again.” Of course, there was no answer, but again I felt no threat, but it seemed like he was checking up to make sure I was okay in my new life.

I’ve never seen him since. That was 17 years ago. Mum says she hasn’t seen him for years either. Imagination? Or real? Did I see “him” because Mum described him so well and I imagined it, or was he really someone, possibly Mum’s brother, watching over her and me? I suppose we’ll never know.

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