Rainbow Snippets – October 22, 2016


Happy weekend, everyone. Who’s ready for another taste of Regeneration?

First, don’t forget to check out the awesome Rainbow Snippets Group, where you’ll find lots more tasters from wonderful LGBTQ stories. If you want to join in with a link to a 6-line teaser from a WIP, published story, or review, anyone is welcome.

I haven’t written a proper blurb for Regeneration yet, but here’s a basic outline:-

In the 23rd Century, in the galaxy of Sigma Kappa, scientists created the first batch of enhanced humans – the regenerates. Kim Fortune is the only survivor of the first batch, but most of his intended attributes didn’t work. He’s incredibly strong, fast, and intelligent, but he can’t see in the dark, self-heal, or regulate his body temperature. In addition, he has far too human emotions. He wants what he thinks he’ll never have – love.

Kim escaped the lab aged 15 and spent the next few years as an explorer. The story starts with a 21 year old Kim, who has actually lived a total of 40 years already, thanks to cryosleep. His crashed ship leaves him stranded on a deserted planet, dubbed Pardus due to its population of Panthera Pardus, vicious man-eating large panther-type animals, and with his ship crippled and his crew long-since dead, the only chance of leaving the isolated and dangerous land is if another ship arrives – which it does, bringing with it Captain Susan, rogue cop Neil, young Dina, the orphaned daughter of the creator of the most sought after drug in the universe, explorer Johnson, and army deserter Christian Novak, a successful fully functioning and reasonably emotionless regenerate. One of these people turns out to be exactly what Kim wants in his life, and fears he’ll never get.

* * * * *

In this week’s snippet, one of the newcomers, Neil Ross, introduces Christian Novak. It turns out he originates from the same place as Kim.

“You know my name.” The gray-haired lech winked at me. “This piece of garbage—” He prodded his prisoner again with the barrel of his pistol and earned a feral-sounding growl from the man. “—is Novak. Keep your distance if you know what’s good for you. He’s a convict. I was taking him back to S.K.18 for adjustment.”

“S.K.18?” My gaze flew to Novak’s face. “You’re a regenerate?”

He made a slight movement with his eyes to indicate agreement. This puzzled me. I was of the first batch, and yet he looked older than me. I turned my attention back to Neil.

“If he’s a convict, why isn’t he in prison?”

“Was. Escaped.” Novak grinned suddenly and his eyes glinted. “Ain’t no holding me in.”

* * * * *

More from Regeneration next week. The story is a completed novel that I hope to release in the early part of 2017.




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